The Harbin Engineering University is subordinated by the Chinese Commission of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defence. It is the only national key university of Chinese shipping industry system,relying mainly on industry science,coordinated with the engineering,management,arts......
The National Science Park of HEU is one of the 43 national science parks of universities. . The total investment is 0.6 billion RMB. It occupies about 76000m2 in general, with 300000m2 in floorage. This is a market-oriented organization, with integral goals of the research and development(R&D) of hi-tech, the incubation of hi-tech enterprises, the introduction and cultivation of innovative talents. Taking the advantage of the strength of R&D talents and information of HEU......
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Engineering department
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Taking the advantage of the human resources, information, technology and facilities of the university, the National Science Park of HEU will set up some software firms with characteristic strengths. These firms will work as role models, guiding the later-joining firms and coordinating their subsequent development. The several patented products of the university will be put into mass-production and marketed nationally and internationally, in the hope of getting good sales. The firms organized accordingly will enjoy priority in stock exchange and financial aid. This will facilitate the growth of technological industry.
The goals and perspectives of the National Science Park are as follows:......
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